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  1. Hi

    I would love to become one of your 37 cooks - How do I join this lovely group? I was referred by Sarah G..

    Diane Wl

    1. Hi, Diane! We post events for the public to participate in right along with us! All events are posted to our facebook page! Click the facebook icon on the top right of this page and "like" us! Then click the Event tab and see what open events we have right now. All new Events are posted to the facebook page so make sure you watch out for notices! We are having a great time! Come and join us!

  2. Hey! My name is Holly. I'm a cook, a designer, a mom, and a pretty good writer. I'm also friends with Kate :) She knows my food-style, so, if you're ever looking for that 38th cook, let me know. I would love to join your crew. Currently, I'm writing a cookbook called "Love Your Food". I have the dessert and breakfast sections completed. (The 2 best sections of any cookbook I believe). Love your blog!! ~Holly K aka hollyjordana